Here’s How Brown Chefs are Celebrating Thanksgiving

From pumpkin biryani to sweet potato samosas, three Brown chefs share their favorite Thanksgiving meals.

1024px-Different types of pies on a dining table
Different pies (Wikimedia Commons)

The Juggernaut


November 26, 2020


4 min

Who gets to be called chef on Thanksgiving? We think everyone. We asked several South Asian Americans who think about food almost every minute of the day about how they’ll be celebrating today. From Roni Mazumdar, the co-owner of restaurants such as Adda, Rahi, and Masalawala, to Zareen Khan, who owns and operates several Zareen’s restaurants in California (a cult classic especially popular among Stanford students), to Khushbu Shah, restaurant editor at Food & Wine — they share some of their tips, Thanksgiving no-nos, and favorite ways to bring some South Asian flavors to the table (biryani baked in pumpkin anyone?).

Happy Thanksgiving.

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