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The Rooh Afza Renaissance

The ubiquitous, cooling drink known for its permanent spot on the iftar spread is also indelibly linked with the history of Partition.

The Shifting Tides of India’s Seafood Traditions

Though plentiful and sustainable, shellfish such as clams, mussels, oysters, and snails barely make an appearance in popular accounts of Indian seafood.

How Trader Joe’s Became Known for Its Indian Food

The American grocery chain inadvertently built a line of products — from lamb vindaloo to spicy chakri mix — that appeal to South Asians and non-South Asians alike.

The Weight of Parsi Toddy

How an ancient tradition cemented itself in Parsi kitchens, and why it is now fading away.

How Posto Became Bengal’s Comfort Food

The rise of poppy in Bengali cuisine went hand in hand with the British love for tea.

Community Cookbooks, A Window Into a Bygone Era

A generation of Marathi cookbooks highlight unusual ingredients, old cooking techniques, and absurdly high expectations of women.

A History of Bhang, India’s Most Accessible Cannabis

From Holi celebrations to paan shops, bhang has been consumed for thousands of years in India.

What Recipes Leave Off the Page

Recipes, family legacies, and lore are passed down in the kitchen, not the written word.

How Soya Nuggets Became a Household Ingredient in India

A strange twist of history made this plant-based protein a feature of Indian cuisine.

Sri Lanka’s Little-Known Memoni Cuisine

For years, Memoni food remained absent from mainstream Sri Lankan cuisine, but women from the community are changing that.


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