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How a Nepali Drama Deconstructs Male Ego

Filmmaker Khyentse Norbu’s latest, “Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache,” captures a man’s journey through the chaotic rift between the spiritual and the modern.

Charles Sobhraj: The Serpent Who Charmed India

The BBC-Netflix co-production shows the serial killer for what he is: a cold-blooded escape artist and convicted international criminal.

How a 1990 Satyajit Ray Film Predicted the Future

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and increasing politicization of society, "Ganashatru" is loudly prescient.

Haseena Moin’s Wonderful World of Women

The screenwriter elevated the ordinary to capture the dream of millions of Pakistani women: freedom to be themselves.

Why Bollywood Loved — and Lost — Fawad Khan

This year marks almost five years since fans have seen the iconic Pakistani actor in Hindi cinema.

The Oscar-Shortlisted "Bittu" More Than Delivers

A series of interlinked unfortunate events, rather than any malintent, leads to the tightly-woven short film’s ultimate climax and tragedy.

Helen, the Glittering Mehbooba of Bollywood

Draped in lace, rhinestones, and fur, Helen claimed and rebranded the archetype of a vamp.

“Bombay Begums” and the Missing Subtext

Billed as a feminist series, the Netflix show ends up serving standard Bollywood fare of wrongdoing and retribution.

Why Bollywood Queens Start in the South

For decades, Hindi cinema has been sourcing its leading ladies from the Southern film industries of India.

“Bhaji on the Beach” and the Magic of Communal Unlearning

Against the symbolic backdrop of the beach, Gurinder Chadha and Meera Syal’s film captures what a single fleeting day of freedom can do for Brown women.


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