Love is Blind’s Sita Aunty Shares Her Secret to a Successful Marriage

Shake’s mother, the dating reality show’s unlikely hero, explains her secret to a successful marriage (hint: it isn’t meeting someone on a reality show).

Sita Aunty Netflix
Sita Aunty in Love is Blind (Netflix)

The Juggernaut


March 22, 2022


16 min

Season 2 of Love Is Blind took the world by storm. In this high-drama reality show, 15 women and 15 men first meet each other through pods where they cannot see what the person they’re “dating” looks like. The experiment challenges whether dating preferences based on looks matter when it comes to a successful relationship.  

One of the most compelling storylines was that of Shake and Deepti. The Indian American couple, who had admitted that they had never dated Indians before, navigated getting to know each other — a journey that would ultimately take place in front of millions of viewers. Yet, within this story, a surprising hero emerged: Shake’s mother, Sita Chatterjee, aka Sita Aunty.

After Shake expressed deep ambivalence about his attraction toward Deepti, Sita Aunty, Shake’s mother, firmly told him that Deepti “doesn’t deserve someone who gives her even half a percent less.” 

In this exclusive interview, Sita Aunty shares her insights into love and relationships and her own journey, including how couples’ therapy saved her 35-year marriage.

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