Who Gets to Observe Ramadan?

The latest TikTok trend? Non-Muslims sharing their fasting journeys. For some, it’s about wellness. For others, it’s a welcome practice.

collage for ramadan
Kenneth La Rosa, Victoria Ortega, Kai Ossé, and Troy Osterberg (Instagram, collage by The Juggernaut)

Ayesha Le Breton


March 26, 2024


7 min

This year, Kai Ossé, a 22-year-old Brooklynite, is fasting for Ramadan. Unlike other observers, however, Ossé isn’t Muslim. “My dad was a Buddhist and my mom didn’t really practice any religion,” he said. Ossé learned more about Islam as a teenager through his Muslim best friend, who fasted during a basketball camp the two attended. But his decision to take the leap of faith is a result of his new year’s resolution to exercise more discipline and self-restraint.

Ossé isn’t alone. A growing number of non-Muslims are observing Ramadan and sharing their experiences on social media. For some, the practice appears to be a health fad or TikTok challenge. But for countless Muslims, this newfound interest in their faith couldn’t come at a better time.

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