What Sarita Choudhury Wants You to Know About ‘And Just Like That’

The actor sat down to chat about her favorite scenes from the show, the Diwali episode, and how she never had a ‘Mississippi Masala’ for herself.

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Sarita Choudhury in the "Diwali" episode (HBO Max)

The Juggernaut


March 15, 2022


14 min

Actor Sarita Choudhury has been gracing our screens since Mississippi Masala (1991), a landmark film from director Mira Nair that showcased Black and Brown love in Greenwood, Mississippi. She’s gone on to act in Kama Sutra, The Hunger Games, A Hologram for the King, Homeland, Little Fires Everywhere, The Green Knight, and more. But her most recent role as 53-year-old independent real estate agent Seema Patel has everyone talking. Despite all the controversy the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That faced, fans were often left wanting more Seema Patel, and Sarita Choudhury, in their lives. 

We sat down with the star to chat about all the hot takes about the And Just Like That Diwali episode, where she got her sari in the show, and why she never had her own Mississippi Masala. She also breaks down one of the key scenes she shares with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and where Seema Patel is headed next.

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