The Exciting Dating Lives of South Asian Seniors

The community often stigmatizes those who crave companionship after age 60. These lovebirds prove that the search for someone special never has to end.

nhie nirmala len pati wedding
Nirmala (Ranjita Chakravarty) marrying her boyfriend Len (Jeff Garlin) in 'Never Have I Ever' season 4 (Netflix)

Mehr Singh


September 25, 2023


7 min

Kris Kumar, 70, a Virginia-based retiree, visited Reykjavík, Iceland, a few years ago. Kumar had invited his then long-distance girlfriend, Yasmeen, 52, who lives in Dubai. The two swam in Iceland’s blue lagoon, rode snowmobiles, hiked along an active volcano, and ate cinnamon buns. When Kumar married in his early 20s, he had a very different idea of who a life partner was: someone who would take care of the home, while he went to work. Today, Kumar wants something else, a partner who can hold her own; marriage is second.

While those over 60 often find each other through SilverSingles, Senior Sizzle, Senior Black Dating, and more, some groups get left behind. Over 19% of U.S. seniors use over 52 dating websites, yet South Asian faces are a rarity on such platforms. But now, after COVID-19, the rise of loneliness, and longer life expectancies, more South Asian seniors are unapologetically searching for meaningful companionship.

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