The Unibrow is Back

Young South Asians are rebelling against Western beauty standards by growing out their eyebrows.

Kajol in 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge'

Sadaf Ahsan


July 6, 2022


9 min

A year into the pandemic, Zara Rahim, a New York-based communications and policy consultant, found herself at odds with her mirror. Her usual beauty appointments had dropped off, and the person looking back at her was different from the one she’d worked hard to maintain — specifically when it came to the space, or lack thereof, between her brows. 

“I had to sit and really look at my face bare, without any grooming or filters or makeup, and have an honest dialogue with myself about what felt good and why I did certain things,” she said. “That led me down the path of thinking about the way my eyebrows particularly have played a significant role in the way that I present to the world.”

She’s not the only one. Artist Frida Kahlo was renowned for hers. Bollywood actor Kajol’s unibrow was so distinctive that she debuted with it. Rahim is now one of a growing number of people who have taken to regrowing and reclaiming their unibrows.

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