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The Juggernaut is a publication for smart, sharp South Asian stories and news for the world’s largest diaspora. We are chronicling the rise of South Asians, and challenging the norms that hold us back. We tell stories you can’t find anywhere else and add deep context to those you might have heard already. We’re also diversifying newsrooms and storytelling — 77% of newsrooms in the United States were white in 2018, yet Asia is poised to create over 50% of world GDP by 2020. We have an avid community of members and also host regular events in New York. We’ve been featured in Y Combinator’s Hacker News, TechCrunch, Axios, and Harvard Business School’s MBA Voices Blog.

Latest articles

“We Have All Failed the Afghan People”: A Conversation on Afghanistan

We spoke with political analyst Mariam Jalalzada and migration expert Shahla Naimi on what comes next for the nation and its people.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

August 26, 2021

Memories of Partition, from Our Readers

We asked The Juggernaut readers to share their family’s memories of Partition. These are their stories, in their words.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

August 19, 2021

Our Stories on Afghanistan

As we work to center Afghan voices and commission pieces with their words, revisit our stories from our archives.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

August 17, 2021

20 Films and Shows to Watch During Pride Month

From Bollywood to art cinema, these movies and TV shows celebrate queer characters and storylines.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

June 11, 2021

Celebrating Pride

This June, a roundup of 15 stories from our archives about queer Brown history, icons, and culture from South Asia and around the world.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

May 31, 2021

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

This May, a roundup of 15 stories from our archives that celebrate Asian American life, love, culture, and history.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

May 03, 2021

Valarie Kaur: “Grieve with Us, Stand with Us, Reach Out to Us”

The civil rights lawyer, filmmaker, and Sikh American activist speaks out about the recent Indianapolis shooting, which killed four Sikh Americans.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

April 19, 2021

Celebrating Women's History Month

This Women’s History Month, read some of our best stories on icons across politics, music, food, art, business, comedy, and more.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

March 04, 2021

Our Top 15 Stories on Love

From interracial relationships to 18th-century Urdu poetry to an ode to the guava, dive into our favorite stories about love.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

February 12, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month

To mark the start of Black History Month, we revisit the often-overlooked and intertwined histories between Black and South Asian communities.

The Juggernaut Editorial Team

February 01, 2021


The Juggernaut tells untold, smart South Asian stories and news you won't find anywhere else.

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