The opinion pages are where we invite those with strong views and expertise on various topics to explain their points of view, engage with debate, and provide rebuttals to pressing issues.

In these articles, guest writers such as musician Qardash have spoken up about why the fall of the Afghanistan was dangerous for musicians and artists — long before mainstream media covered the topic. Suraj Yengde, a noted Dalit scholar, has written about why B.R. Ambedkar has continued to be a scholar and thought leader to engage with in the 21st century. Madhushree Ghosh has written a thorough response to the Washington Post Gene Weingarten op-ed that provided a weak critique of “curry.”

Why it matters: At The Juggernaut, our mission is to give space to views that most others would ignore. We encourage all op-eds to use data, diverse sources, and even engage with “the other sides” of their primary argument to build a robust case you can’t help but read.