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How the Indian Judiciary Lets Down Sexual Assault Victims

Two cases in the past year alone highlight how India’s approach to adjudicating sexual assault is outdated at best, dangerous at worst.

Opinion: Kamala Harris is Not Your Aunty

Is referring to Vice President Harris as ‘aunty’ a term of kinship, or a potentially insidious erasure of her professional accomplishments?

Opinion: How Biden Flipped Pennsylvania

The campaign's Deputy Data Director in the swing state reflects on what a Biden win means for the next four years.

Why Alex Trebek Means So Much to Immigrant Kids

Days before he passed, an emotional clip of me telling Alex Trebek I learned to speak English by watching "Jeopardy!" went viral. This is for him.

Opinion: Why More South Asian Americans Are Running for Office

More candidates are running — and winning — during this undeniable moment.

Opinion: Is Kangana Ranaut the Most Powerful Woman in Bollywood?

The actor has traded being crushed beneath Bollywood’s glass ceiling for a leading role in the witch hunts of the Hindu Right.

Opinion: To Be Black and Indian Right Now

As the country struggles to understand the dual narrative of its Black-South Asian vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, one man reflects on his own identity.

Opinion: Yes, Patriot Act Oversimplified Things — Thank Goodness

The show wasn’t perfect, but access to credible news is a luxury and there shouldn’t be shame in learning from visual, jargon-free crash courses.

Opinion: A Paean to the Rakhi

Despite Raksha Bandhan’s patriarchal origins, for some, the holiday is less about religion and more about bringing together siblings.

Opinion: Britain’s Forgotten Immigrants

The U.K. repeatedly forgets the legacy of South Asian immigrants on its frontlines — from the trenches to hospital wards.


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