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“Be Careful”: WhatsApp Forwards Spread Fear and Misinformation

Messages intended to increase awareness of potential COVID transmission among South Asian Americans, but the impact has been more alarming.

How Trader Joe’s Became Known for Its Indian Food

The American grocery chain inadvertently built a line of products — from lamb vindaloo to spicy chakri mix — that appeal to South Asians and non-South Asians alike.

Talking Shop with Ankiti Bose

The co-founder and CEO of Zilingo talks about her startup, sustainable supply chains, and of course, Sabyasachi.

Black Women, Indian Hair

For decades, Indian temples have been selling hair to Black women around the world as part of the $58 million human hair export industry.

How Rafat Ali’s Startup Skift is Weathering the Pandemic

As the media industry contracts, with advertising budgets and in-person events drying up, Skift is betting on its innovative founder.

How South Asians are Building Community on Clubhouse

As the audio app takes off, Brown members are leading some of its biggest, buzziest rooms.

Twitter and Indian Government in Standoff Over Farmers’ Protest Tweets

As the Indian government strives to clamp down on dissent, Twitter finds itself at the center of a thorny battle between civil liberties and local laws.

Is Robinhood a Victim of Its Own Success?

In a volatile week for financial markets, tech unicorn and Silicon Valley darling Robinhood draws scrutiny — but is it enough to stop its rise?

After a Mammoth IPO, Where Does Poshmark Grow?

CEO Manish Chandra has been one step ahead of the mobile shopping revolution. Can he sustain that growth in the public markets?

Reincarnating the East India Company

Indian businessmen are buying back colonial-era British brands. But can these acquisitions rewrite history?


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