Dhruva Balram

Dhruva Balram is an Indian-Canadian freelance journalist whose work sits comfortably at the intersection of culture and politics. He has been published in NPR, the Guardian, NME and GQ . He is currently based in London, UK.

Latest articles

The Rise and Fall (and Rebirth) of the U.K.'s Daytime Dance Parties

In the 1980s and 1990s, South Asians created a community around daytime raves in the U.K. Now, a new generation is trying to reignite that same magic.

Dhruva Balram

September 13, 2021

Comedian Nimesh Patel Has No Regrets

The 34-year-old has already written jokes for the likes of Chris Rock and Hasan Minhaj — and was the first Indian-origin writer for SNL — but not everyone is laughing.

Dhruva Balram

October 02, 2020

How Early Bombay Jazz Lives On Today

For 30 years — from the 1930s to 1960s — jazz dominated Indian elite entertainment and weaved its way into iconic Bollywood showtunes. Its influence lingers to this day.

Dhruva Balram

September 24, 2020

India’s Battle for LGBTQ Rights is Far from Over

Two years after India’s Supreme Court revoked Section 377 — which criminalized homosexuality — violence, assaults, and discrimination are still the norm.

Dhruva Balram

July 08, 2020

Opinion: How Do We Move Forward?

Reducing the suffering of others is a habit, not a momentary concern.

Dhruva Balram

June 11, 2020

Vivek Shraya’s The Subtweet Questions More Than Toxic Friendships

The novel explores not only whether two struggling musicians can be friends but also the context that led them there.

Dhruva Balram

April 10, 2020

Azadi Records, India’s Most Provocative Record Label

The three-year-old music label is fighting for the truth — no matter the cost.

Dhruva Balram

April 02, 2020

Art as Mental Healthcare

Though South Asians who seek formal mental healthcare do well, music and art are informal avenues for those otherwise wary of institutions.

Dhruva Balram

May 08, 2019


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