Kaivan Shroff

Kaivan Shroff is a Democratic commentator and political organizer. He serves as Senior Advisor to The Institute for Education based in Washington, D.C.

Latest articles

Dinesh D’Souza, the Conservatives’ “Boy from Bombay”

The right-wing pundit’s journey to over 1.8 million Twitter followers reflects how the Republican Party shifted so quickly from the party of John McCain to the party of Donald Trump.

Kaivan Shroff

October 13, 2021

Kamala Devi Harris Makes History

Voters are already crossing both party and ideological lines to support the Biden-Harris ticket.

Kaivan Shroff

August 12, 2020

The South Asian Americans Claiming Political Capital

In 2020, over 30 South Asians are running for the U.S. House or Senate.

Kaivan Shroff

June 03, 2020

For South Asian Americans, Bloomberg Will Do

South Asian American voters want a candidate that can defeat Donald Trump in November — Bloomberg or otherwise.

Kaivan Shroff

March 02, 2020


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