Sabrina Toppa

Sabrina Toppa is a journalist based in Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, TIME Magazine, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera English, Foreign Policy, NBC News, and other news outlets.

Latest articles

The Evolution of Eyebrow Threading Salons

For years, threading salons served as an economic lifeline for immigrant women. Today, a new wave of first- and second-generation women are still looking to make it in the industry, on their terms.

Sabrina Toppa

September 08, 2021

Black Women, Indian Hair

For decades, Indian temples have been selling hair to Black women around the world as part of the $58 million human hair export industry.

Sabrina Toppa

March 01, 2021

Pakistani Government Swipes Left On Tinder

The national ban against key dating apps is yet another avenue for the government to morally police young Pakistanis.

Sabrina Toppa

September 23, 2020

Pakistan’s Sheedis Try to Stake Out Their Place

The country’s most visible minority — descended from African slaves, traders, and mercenaries — has been living in Pakistan for centuries, but still remains relegated to the margins.

Sabrina Toppa

August 19, 2020

How Coronavirus May Help the World’s Final Battle Against Polio

In one of the globe’s last polio-endemic countries, Pakistanis are finally realizing the importance of vaccines — in the absence of one for COVID-19.

Sabrina Toppa

May 12, 2020

The Activists Challenging Pakistan's Child Marriages

Cultural norms and vague government edicts have allowed Pakistani child marriages to survive. Some activists are taking matters into their own hands.

Sabrina Toppa

June 03, 2019


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