Meher Manda

Meher Manda is a poet, short story writer, culture critic, and educator from Mumbai, currently living in New York City. She earned her MFA in Fiction from the College of New Rochelle. She is currently working on her debut prose-poetry collection. She specializes in teaching narrative-focused writing residencies.

Latest articles

How Mani Ratnam’s Terrorism Trilogy Stoked 1990s Nationalism

Though critically acclaimed, the director’s “Roja,” “Bombay,” and “Dil Se...” pushed jingoistic narratives that persist in Bollywood today.

Meher Manda

August 31, 2021

How Bollywood Failed Kashmir

Hindi cinema has long viewed Kashmir through a glossy lens, erasing its people, their agency, and their political histories.

Meher Manda

July 27, 2021

“Fire”: An Inextinguishable Part of Queer Brown Cinema

The 1996 film was the first in India to portray two women in love. Some called it revolutionary. Others called it a war against Indian culture.

Meher Manda

June 30, 2021

The Devolution of Journalism in Hindi Film

Bollywood’s ethical journalists are increasingly disappearing from the screen.

Meher Manda

May 25, 2021

"Swades" and the NRI Burden

The 2004 Shah Rukh Khan-starrer doesn’t show a glamorous diaspora, but rather, the political responsibility of returning home.

Meher Manda

April 27, 2021

How a 1990 Satyajit Ray Film Predicted the Future

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and increasing politicization of society, "Ganashatru" is loudly prescient.

Meher Manda

March 30, 2021

Opinion: It’s Too Easy to Criticize Rupi Kaur

Twitterati recently ridiculed a viral video of everyone’s favorite Instagram poet, but her politics deserve a chance.

Meher Manda

March 26, 2021

Dissenting Cinema: Why India Censors Films

The Indian government has long been quick to censor content that poses a challenge to the reigning politics of the time.

Meher Manda

February 23, 2021

When Rang De Basanti Taught Us to Be Angry

The radical film — which turns 15 today — roused a generation, sending political shockwaves throughout India for years to come.

Meher Manda

January 26, 2021

A Year After CAA, India Doubles Down on Dissent

December 12, 2020, marked the one-year anniversary of the enactment of CAA. A global pandemic hasn’t stopped India from going after its own citizens.

Meher Manda

December 21, 2020


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